what is love?

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Love is a wonderful feeling that God gave every living thing on earth,no love life has no meaning,the world around seems cold and colorless,love,warms our hearts our souls and makes the world more beautiful and brighter
Love can be different for parents, love,love of brothers and sisters ,love ,a loved one husband or wife, love for children, love for animals and nature, and most important the love of God
Love brings a lot of positive qualities , is loyalty,understanding,respect and sympathy,more,manifestation of the love of family and especially to God should be done sincerely with all my heart,love the source of warmth God gave us the feeling of love so that we were kind and forgiving to each other,no love life on earth simply can not, love the feeling of humanity which strengthens and brings us together, love begets love return, teaches us to forgive each other and makes the world a nice and cozy
God made love last people to respect and appreciate each other we should not have been evil and revenge,so we forgave each other mistakes and gave warmth to all who are around us, even the enemies – love is a feeling that will never betray , love always triumphs over evil and hate and helps us in difficult situations ,man alive until the love-lives, and he and the feeling of love does not leave it on the road of life because love is invincible ,
When you give your love to people you fill their hearts with warmth as many in our world in need of love and warmth and even a single warm smile can change someone ,s life must think about it , is not it great changed the better life of even one person? I think it’s fine
love is a feeling of immeasurable ,love ,you just give love anything without asking and without expecting in return , to love and be loved is something without which live on land that is not possible
Almighty God, our Father created us with love and put it in us a sense as the main indicator , life which we must always remember and keep
About love you can talk forever and always, we will come to the same total, love is beautiful
, let friends treat each other with love,God teaches us so, and this is the best thing we can do
God bless All