The World God Only He is the Father

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Our God the Almighty, but He is the only God and Creator of the World and we should always remember it well. Many of achieving in life then they forget about God and begin to think that if they have the money then they need nothing more, but you are forgetting the main thing, the God of peace only he can give or take away to punish or pardon, and if you do what you have in life is Do not forget that this is from God, and if he wants you lose all, so never forget God, and if you have the opportunity to help others, help me, because God has always taught us to help those who need help, give to the poor and God will return to you three times, Help the needy, and God will reward your help, we must always be a sense of duty and responsibility before God and before himself, we must always remember that it is necessary to carry out our instructions ord for our own good, God tells us not give everything you have and become beggars, God tells us to help those who are around you, give to the poor, feed the hungry, and God will always remember your kindness and be sure to reward you for it!
Take a look around and do not live only for ourselves, how many people are suffering from hunger around as the world’s children in need of bread, help each other vedb if every helping hand that everything will be different, the world becomes more beautiful and more beautiful, hundreds of children every day the world are dying of hunger, are we doing anything to prevent this from happening, ask yourself if I do anything? I’m trying to change something? and if your answer is no, then start right now, do what you have, if everyone starts to help people as possible then the world will change on your gas and you will see that goodness is so great grace, and God teaches us to do good !
The World God Only He is the Father
Our world was created so that mankind helped each other to live and survive, the animals are always helping each other, do not leave in the lurch, many animals can help even a person, as if the animals have such a profound concept, we did not have the people understand this?
My friends, now, today, begin to help each other and make her good in the world, God sees it, remember Jesus always helped the needy, follow his example and you will see that the good must save the world!
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!