Soul needs a prayer

Soul needs a prayer

Soul needs prayer, pray always, and purifies his soul , prayer cleanses the soul and heart, it clears the mind , and pray always refer to God and Jesus tells them that you are concerned that you have in mind , prayer is always easier and gives incentive always helps you. Remember, do not ever think that you have no one to whom you can contact , remember that you have God and Jesus and they always listen to your prayers that come (more…)

Go to the light

Go to the light always , try to get round the darkness and temptation , never resist the temptation of the dark, remember that light is God and Jesus is the light of love and kindness , the light is the way to eternal life in the kingdom of God , the light is your … Continue reading

What makes us rich?

In this world, what makes us rich is not what we get , but what we give . Always give the soul and from the heart, always help those who are in need and will be given to you by God , God and Jesus see our good works, and they are always happy when … Continue reading

With you there is only God and Jesus

When the world turns away from you you can only God . Whatever happens in your life , repent and God and Jesus will always forgive you and if you repent sincerely and wholeheartedly your prayers to God and Jesus . Remember, even when you think you were alone in the world, next to no … Continue reading

Accept Jesus Christ

When you accept Jesus Christ , you will get world dreamed all his life , with Jesus your world will change and become bright and colorful , Jesus will help you overcome difficulties and cope with negative life , Jesus is always there for you , open heart and accept Jesus into your life , … Continue reading

Truly love

Pray to God for your loved ones and close friends , remember that true love is strong and it can not win anything . truly loving person always thinks and cares for those who love and pray for them to God and Jesus for their salvation , for their health, because if your loved one … Continue reading

Do not be ashamed to confess

Be ashamed to sin,but do not be ashamed to confess . Always remember that if you repent of your sins sincerely with all my heart God and Jesus will forgive you and you hold out a helping hand, never be ashamed to repent because repentance will lead you to God , most importantly to you … Continue reading

With God’s help, anything is possible

If God sent me these tests , then he knows that I stand , because with God’s help everything is possible, if there is faith in the heart and if the soul is full of God is in my life , nothing is impossible , Jesus teaches us that with faith in God and with … Continue reading

God will never break your heart

The only one who will never break your heart – the One who created it .. it is God , God will never make you sick because God is our creator and God loves us , God and Jesus are always doing nothing but good for us and always show us the right path , … Continue reading

Change your finish

You can not go back and change your start, but you can start now and change your finish. Never too late to realize your mistakes and start over, you can not fix the past and change it but you can change your future and can always recognize their mistakes and avoid them in the future, … Continue reading