Jesus Risen

Jesus Risen


Easter holiday that the whole Christian world celebrates with great love , which we celebrate the feast in honor of the fact that Jesus was resurrected .
Each year, the entire Christian world celebrates Easter , we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and congratulate each other on (more…)

Live without envy

  Envy destroys man , envious people often fraught with anger that does not give him no rest . When a person is jealous of someone he sins before God , because God tells us not to envy . Envy leads a


One of the main human emotions, which helps him to live and survive in difficult times is hope. Hope always helps a person when he’s hard, losing hope man loses faith because these two senses are interrelated. Hope lives in man until the end, she gives him the strength to fight and go forward, hope … Continue reading

Purity of Heart

The heart and soul of man is his main identifiers , if a person has a pure heart and soul of this means that it can not be evil , bad and envious . Human heart says it all about him , purity of heart and the soul of man is measured by his actions, … Continue reading

Love is great feeling

  Love is a great feeling, God gave us the feeling that brings the warmth, joy and happiness, a feeling that makes us different, makes us kind and merciful to each other, love gives joy of life without love, life loses all meaning, God and Jesus taught us to love one another because love does … Continue reading

God does not need a miracle-God is a miracle!

Faith is the power of possibilities which belief, there is no limit to the invincible feeling, which does not need to prove, this is what distinguishes faith from knowledge. When a Christian begins to look for a miracle for strengthening faith when faith becomes weak. Between science and religion, there are multilateral dependence, many scientists … Continue reading

Find God in your soul

God created man in his own image, it means that we should try to be like him. We have to go through your life as this requires us to God. Jesus gave us an example that we have given ourselves to God, before our decision to think to do it not because we want it, … Continue reading

Be merciful

Mercy is a great grace and dignity for human beings. Merciful person is always closer to God and Jesus , because he is able to forgive , to help those who need help and support those who need support. Mercy comes from God ,

Pay attention to yourself

Before you judge the mistakes of others , pay attention to yourself , pay attention to your actions, whether you have the right to judge others when they themselves admit mistakes? Of course not ! The one who throws dirt in the other hand can not be clean, only God and Jesus can judge , … Continue reading

Telling the truth

When all lies , telling the truth is somehow .. Especially! Lies never brings good when a person is lying , he avoids the truth and it says it is not positive , it’s bad lie , lie creates distrust between people and alienates people from each other makes life difficult and sows confusion in … Continue reading