Your every day

When you go to sleep at night try to make an analysis of the day ended, ask yourself what you did today, how much good you could bring for the day, how many people you have brought joy to many times you please God and Jesus by his actions, and can you someone offended? Maybe someone did hurt himself without realizing it? or deliberately? Think about everything, about the past and about the day as it was for you.
Every day is a new chance, a new beginning, a new life, with every passing day, you can change for the better, to realize their mistakes, repent of their sins, but for this you have to understand yourself and think about what is good and what is bad you made for passing day, as your actions reflected and influenced others, making this analysis today, tomorrow you have a chance to change, repent and start a new life asking God’s forgiveness for the bad things and realize their guilt, if you do the analysis on yourself and thinking you will see that you have done good for the day then try to strengthen it to myself and think how much good you can do tomorrow, how many people you can help, because the good is one of the main advantages of a person to be a good means to get closer to God, and God be praised and Jesus, even if the person to whom you did not see it well, remember, God and Jesus always see your works, they always made you see the good and bad, do not try to show people that you do good, show it to God, and God will reward you, also did not think that if you’re done you will out evil or bad thing from the person it is unnoticed, remember, God always sees you, God and Jesus are aware of your every deed and the good, the bad, and you can never hide it from them .
Every day you should try to do good, and it’s good to see you back, if you see that someone needs help and you pass by without trying to help then this is equivalent to evil, even if you see that you can not help, do not pass by, stop, take a try and you will do it, remember, God is always there and the name of God in the Name of Jesus, to help who needs help and it’s good to come back to you every day .If will ask themselves and analyze their behavior then it will help you understand the how to live right, put yourself is not the place of others, try to understand, try to see myself through different eyes and then you can overcome a negative if it is in you.
Life is too short to be wasted in vain, think how much good you can do, how many people you can help physically or mentally, you spend hours sitting in front of Millions of TV or computer, in a pub or disco, think of how much good you can do if you spend all this time, how much good you can bring in one day, and thinking about it every day would be good style of your life and you will be blessed by God. At least if you’re a little less time to spend on entertainment and give in this time, it’s good to see you back on God, God and Jesus will bless you, and God will always be there if you need help.
My dear friends, your every day, every minute of your life is very precious, always try to spend most of the time is good, and grace, it will lead you to the gates of God, that bring you closer to Jesus and God, and Jesus all his life to do good and help us today from heaven, and shall we not concede that at least some part of his life to good and good works? Of course must, it is our duty, we must follow in the footsteps of Jesus and God and Jesus will bless us and the world around us will be much more beautiful, try to do only good, to give love and warmth to everyone around and God will reward you for it!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!