What can make love?


Love is one of the largest and most important senses that God gave to man, which help a person to live and exist without which human life has no meaning. Love is the feeling that accompanies a man to death, and that is not never lost, love is different but each of their love is strong and powerful, every love has a crucial role in human life and the main love is the love of the Creator, to our Heavenly Father and Jesus whereby there is humanity. The biggest example of love is the love of Jesus to God and to the people, His love is so great and infinite that He gave His life for the sins of mankind and for the lives of people, and His boundless love for God, he is so fond of our Heavenly Father that knowing what to expect he went ahead and never doubted God, this is the biggest example of love for the history of life.
Love can work wonders to make life beautiful and noble, love teaches man forgiveness and generosity, without love human life loses its meaning and becomes empty. Love for God is the most important sense in human life, if a person loves God it means that he believes in God and faith egi is strong and he will never get away from the true path because when a man is the love of God that he had not made the wrong and did not will fall into a sinful way, the love of God is very bright and clean feeling. Every love has its place in human life, the love of parents, love for the brethren and for sale, the love of spouses,love between a man and a woman, love for children and just love to those around us, nature and all the good that is in our land, for all that God gives us and the most important love of God is stronger than most.
What can make love in human life? It can lead the person on the right path and always help to do good works, love can give a man the joy and happiness can make people happy and help make others happy. Man has love to span it and shared it with all, love conquers evil and hate and helps to go on the right path, sharing love with other people brings happiness and if each person will give love to all those around him that fill the world with love, love can defeat the evil and hatred, sin and misery, when a man lives love he does good.
Share love, give love, spread love everywhere and fill the world with love, love can work miracles, love of God and Jesus, always remember that the most important thing is the love of God, love of our Savior, Jesus, take the example of the love of Jesus and follow this example, bring into the world only goodness and love, and it will save the world from evil, love triumph over evil if everyone will fill the world with love, remember God and Jesus love us and we must respond with love.
God bless you!