Value of life

In life, everyone has their own values, each person in your life chooses a priorotety, the value of life, which further define its future and in what way it will be vital to go. Values of Jesus Christ were Honesty, faith, love of God and others, kindness and justice, generosity and understanding, these values Jesus lived his life on earth and served God to the end of his earthly days, these values have to live in each person, the person having in itself all these values will always be praised and rewarded by God for it because it has these values at the heart of man can never commit evil, he would always help people and give good love and justice.
In life, you always have to do because you want to do to you, and all will be well, life values are always formed in a person since childhood, much depends on the range in which it is brought up, grows and gains experience of life, which his circle of friends and acquaintances , teach your children these values, teach them to be noble and just, be kind and honest, teach your children to love a child of God, tell them about God and Jesus, strengthen their faith from the very young age, because the person is formed in childhood and from childhood man chooses the value of life, and this of course depends on the family and on education. Jesus and his childhood was kind and helped everyone who could, Mary and Joseph brought him to the sacred traditions and Jesus loved God from childhood to the end of his earthly life he was faithful to him and today he is next to God is watching us, for our lives, for And as we fulfill our mission on this earth. Never start a family quarrel in front of the child, never show him violence and evil because it is formed in his mind and in the future is very bad effect on its future, which is why you yourself should have the true values in life and never be aggressive and harm to the people who it was, never teach a child to evil and revenge, even if someone is hurt on the street tell him to forgive the one who hurt him, that you learn to be a noble, because forgiveness is the most noble thing, the ability to forgiveness is a huge vital value Praising God, never hit a child, because it filled him angry and feeling do no good to him in life, evil always produce only evil, if the child has done something wrong, try to explain to him this is normal, without yelling and swearing, it will inspire compassion in his heart, and charity is a great grace given by God. Never show your child a lie, if the child will often see the lies that he himself will not lie and it is very bad, be honest with your children and with others, that you infuse honesty in them.
Every child, every adult forms in himself the values that he sees and which formation in the surrounding people, if a person sees around positive people with real values in life that he becomes like them so much depends on each of us, be are good and right, learn to forgive each other, appreciate each other yu be honest, especially with children, because children are the future and we must do everything to ensure that they do not make mistakes, that they may see only good and positive that inspired them duschi only positive and godly life values which Jesus lived, that the Bible teaches us that God has commanded us.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!