True feelings

God created man and gave him the ability to feel a sense of visiting rights and are always with him, they are different and each of them plays an important role in human life. Each reflects a sense of their rights, God gave man a good feeling but over time people developed confidence and the bad feelings that drive him to commit sinful acts, the person must be able to withstand the bad feelings such as jealousy, revenge, a sense of evil, and many others . The bad feelings are born in a man then when it has a lack of good sense, lack of love, lack of joy and warmth, while the bad feelings start to develop in the man and his subordinate. It is important from the very childhood, to give the man-child warmth and affection, love and understanding, and to develop these good feelings in him, to teach children to love God and Jesus, teach him the Holy Bible, to drive to the church and to develop in him a spiritual person and this developing in it all the good feelings that God gave to man.
Good feelings are helping people throughout his earthly life, they delyut human kind, compassionate, warm, affectionate and sincere. If you do not develop a good and positive feelings that bad feelings can suppress them, and this is very bad, so you should never think about the poor, you should always think about the kindness and try to do good things for others, for the family and most importantly to God. In the life of every person is a difficult period when he despairs, and it is very difficult but the difficulty should never beat you, do not let you break the difficulties and face the right way, it is very difficult often the cause of a person changes, becomes evil and bad feelings win that’s too bad, every situation is out and you should never give up, remember, God and Jesus is always with you, pray, talk with them in their prayers, it’ll help you, your kindness and your faith will save you and help you in the Name of God and Jesus. Do not try to make someone ill, do not let evil take your heart and always develop a good and love.
A person aspiring to good and doeth good works always brings joy to God and Jesus, and evil always destroys man, never let evil defeat you and I will place in your heart, never let the feeling of revenge to defeat you and make you do something bad, it’s revenge very bad, revenge begets evil and sin. If a person wants someone to take revenge for something he sins, even if someone has hurt you bad, do not let revenge take possession of you, pray and ask God to save you from bad feelings, think only about the good, remember, God is watching, and if someone made you feel bad that if only God will judge him, you never respond to evil with evil, it will only make you worse and give evil a chance, do not do it, defeat the bad feelings and multiply the good and love.
My dear friends, love and respect each other, give each other only by love and kindness, cultivate in ourselves and in others, only good, positive feelings, do not let the evil chance and opportunity to dwell in you, take only the good in life and it is good to return you in the name of God and Jesus and let God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!