The richness of life

A man’s life is made up of moments and impressions of what he saw and heard, made of cases to which they make the rich man’s life, his soul, and good works, no amount of money will replace the love and friendship, trust and understanding, no wealth can not be compared with the fact that God gives man , that’s life, the ability to love, the ability to make someone good, the ability to breathe and enjoy the life until the time comes to stand before the Lord. If a person has a lot of money and wealth but no love, no close friends with whom he can share his joy, and who will help them in difficult times, is what the money is worth it? Of course not, because the wealth of life is quite another, it is the world that surrounds us, it is life which is given to us by God, it is our loved ones and our faith, this is what is real wealth in life because without it life just makes no sense, if the soul of man no love, no God, then what is the point of the fact that he has money? Absolutely nothing, because this is temporary and one moment each person before God and it will be the only important one, as he lived his life, then money and wealth will turn to dust and people will answer for their actions before God importantly it is a rich soul which is filled with God, should be reminded good feelings and noble, grace, faith, and love, in which the soul is God. .

God is love, and this is the richness of life, if a person is the love of God that his life is very different, he looks at the world differently, the understanding that the main thing in life is not money but life itself, and the way you are living it, no one says that it is a sin to be rich, of course not, but when someone with a lot of money seeing someone who lacks basic sustenance, who are hungry and who need help, who are sick or in need of shelter and passes by without trying to help and did not help then it is very bad, not help people when possible is very bad because all the help comes from God, and if you help someone it means that God has sent you to this person, having a lot of money is not difficult to give bread to those who hunger and thereby feed the poor, it is a very good deed , we should always remember that everything in life is temporary and the Great Court of the Most High will each be judged by his deeds in life so everyone should do good, should help people who need help, escho I want to emphasize that being rich is not a sin, and pass togot who need help and assist where possible is a very bad thing, God and Jesus taught us to help each other and love each other, remember Jesus, He helped and helps everyone, he never went by in need of help, he always helped those who needed his help, but he did good, and gave his life for us and today Jesus from heaven help all who need help and who sincerely believe everyone should remember and appreciate it and look to Jesus, learning the correct and noble life, remember that God and Jesus sees all and teach us love and nobility.
My dear friends, never pass by in need of help, and help to all who can, to do good deeds and share kindness and love, just give each other a good and warm feelings and remember God and Jesus love you and they are always with you.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!