The purpose of life

Each of us lives with a life purpose, each has its own purpose in life that he wants to achieve and when it reaches the set itself another target and so indefinitely, without a goal is not the meaning of life but the main goal of life is God and closeness to God. On the purpose of life depends on many things, if the purpose of your life on the basis of goodness and love, all will be well because of good thinking is behind the evil, goodness and love lead to God. Code you set a goal in life, never forget God because without God you Cho nothing ever reach, if you have no faith in your goal you will always be a goal, and will never become a reality because God Almighty and He alone decides what will and what will not, only God gives worthy then what they deserve, only God decides who then reach in life and how your life will go.
The purpose of life is an incentive that gives you the strength to go on, never put to life only material wealth, your goal should be decent and honest, and you have to be honest and clean to go to her, the main goal in life is God and closer to God, the performance His will and to achieve the grace of God and His praise, if a person moves God and faith in Him it means that the person on the right path and that path will necessarily lead him to God, and at the end of his life he will be accepted by God in His kingdom of light where the person will be reborn in their spiritual life. The purpose of your life is the point to which you aspire and which you want to achieve, never put an evil purpose in life because it always bring you harm, evil alienate you from God and you’ll make yourself ill just.
Uptime is always a life goal if it is based on good and love, do not ever think that you can not achieve your goal and never give up, remember, God is always with you, if you go to the good, if you want a good, if your heart is evil intentions that God is always with you and He will help you, Jesus will stretch you a hand if your goal is friendly and bright, if your goal is not sinful and evil, pray to God and Jesus, and they always help you. Welfare of children is also a goal of many people, it is very good if for this purpose a person is not doing anything wrong and does not harm others, if to achieve life goals and how good it may be good people even than that harm to someone is very bad and God and Jesus did not approve of this because you can not build its prosperity on the harm of others and the most important thing in your life, and the main goal is to be the spiritual value and commitment to God and the rest is secondary. Teach it to their children, teach them that they should always put God and Jesus in front of all that God is the main goal in life of man and closer to God this is the best reward and blessings, teach children to never cause harm to others, even if it affects their welfare.
Always strive for God, always try to get closer to Jesus and your life goals by themselves will become good and light, and remember that the main thing in our lives is God and Jesus!
Yes, God bless you!