Thank You Jesus

Thank you Jesus, thank you for what you have saved us the cost of his life, for what you have is always there and helping us when we find it difficult, thank you Jesus for all that you do and do for us, be always with us, we love you and believe in you illumine light our hearts and show us the right path, guide us along the eternal kingdom of God, and do not leave,Thank you Jesus for all.
You read this article and now the entire world should say ,,Thank you Jesus ,,and thank our Savior
Jesus gave his life for you and the pain and suffering was crucified for that to have been forgiven the sins of the people, and they lived, Jesus even though he knew that it would not be denied their fate and the will of God, and done by a prediction.
During his life on earth Jesus to do good every day, everywhere wherever he went he did good, and good deeds, therefore, feed the hungry, protect the weak, heal the sick and even raised the dead, developed after that, you can doubt that Jesus loves you, and all of mankind? Of course not, Jesus’ love is boundless and immeasurable, it has no boundaries and no one can change the love of Jesus and God’s people.
Jesus loves you, if you will always remember this about accept Jesus in your heart He will help you find the right path, help you understand what is right and what is not, faith in Jesus and His love to create and perform miracles, Jesus is alive and He is always watching us from the kingdom of his heavenly Father, and wants us to live according to the will of God, and so we all was fine.
Jesus wants us to have risen on the right path and have found the grace of God, Jesus loves you and is always asking God’s forgiveness for your actions and you have to make so that Jesus was not ashamed of you before God, Jesus wants good for you, He wants to be You read the Bible and learned Word of God, that in your life never happened poor, so that you never got sick and you will not hurt you to live forever, and enjoying every day of your life, so Jesus wants you and all mankind have found favor with God His forgiveness, and it has gained the right to life in the kingdom of God, where people waiting for a life in which there is no and will not do anything wrong.
Jesus loves you, He will always help you and always there so you do not see Him, His power is always with you when you have difficulty with faith and you ask for help and to turn to God in prayer, remember that Jesus gave life for you, do you and all of us should not justify it, its proper life, their faith, we express our gratitude to Jesus who sacrificed for us, life, open your heart to God and Jesus, and let faith fill your heart and soul.
Thank you Jesus!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!