Thank God and Jesus

God is our Creator and our Father in Heaven, He created us and all conditions so we can live and evolve, so we have everything for the good life on earth and for us to live well until stand before God to go to the spiritual life. Conditions created for human life are beautiful, magnificent nature, the beauty of the world, forests, fields, seas, oceans, sky and earth, the flowers, everything that we see around us the perfect set up for a man to feel good in this world, unfortunately, many people do not perceive the beauty of the world and that gave us our Heavenly Father, people often show to each other and to the nature of evil, instead of destroying nature to protect it, people often do not understand or want to understand how important it is to protect what God has given us.
Living conditions for the people God created fine if everyone will be able to Use them properly and as God wills, it is necessary to take care of nature and protect it and not destroy nature and the earth gives us food and necessities of life components including the air we breathe and without which life is impossible, but it gives us the nature of the air, and if people will destroy it then what would life on earth? You thought about it? God has given mankind is not for man to be destroyed and that’s all for this man to be watched over by God, multiplied and used it correctly. People pollute the seas and oceans, cut down forests and spoil the field without thinking that this is something that gives them life and it is vital for the person.
Jesus died for the sins of men who gave their lives for the people to be forgiven, we must thank Jesus for that today there is humanity, for the fact that he gave his life and suffer for the sake of the people and for their salvation, for His love and kindness for the miracles which he did and does today, people often do not notice that Jesus is with us today, and today he works wonders and helps us everywhere and we are all grateful to Jesus for all that He does for us, for his love for us and his kindness, Jesus is good and we should all do good like Jesus to justify his love, his trust, to justify the fact that He gave His life for us, that He is always with us, thank you Jesus, thank God for all that we have, for all that they give us, with the help of love, for their kindness and for our lives.
God, thank you for everything and Jesus, we thank you for all that you are doing for us, for all that we have for our lives and for your love, we worship you, Lord, forgive us when we sin and show us the right path , to light our way and help me find the truth to those who are lost in this life, thank the Lord, save us and save us from evil, and let it be your will! God, we love you and Jesus, and you are always with us and in our hearts!
We are grateful for everything!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!