Purity of Heart

Purity of heart

The heart and soul of man is his main identifiers , if a person has a pure heart and soul of this means that it can not be evil , bad and envious . Human heart says it all about him , purity of heart and the soul of man is measured by his actions, his outlook on life , his thoughts and feelings , his life path . Look in your heart , in your soul, what you see there ? Ask yourself , clean your soul ? Ask yourself this question and try to answer it honestly and sincerely . Try to get rid of bad thoughts and feelings of your heart , try to fend for themselves envy and evil , clean your soul from this and you will feel how easy it would be to you , the world will change around you.
Life is beautiful without evil , life in which there is no room for jealousy and lies, evil and revenge , life which surrounds you only goodness and love , because it is so beautiful . Create a world for themselves, it is very easy , banish evil and bad feelings from your heart and follow the Word of God , follow the path of Jesus , do good and open your heart to the beautiful and positive feelings , forget about revenge and all the bad , leave poor in the past and go forward with a pure heart , and you will see how beautiful the world without evil , how beautiful the world is when everything goes bad and only the good!
God bless you !