Love in the family

Family and God are two important things in life, the family should be based on love and start a family should always be in love because if you create a family without love, then she does not have a bright future, where the family love for each other and love for God this family is the ideal, it is a beautiful family and not much brighter future. When you create a family, select a mate, someone with whom you are going to start a family and live your life remember, do not make the wrong choice because he is a man to be with you for life and you have to be faithful to each other, always think before take this step, think a little better than a quick decision and then regret it because the family is a huge and very important step in everyone’s life. Never make a decision just because of the physical beauty of man, because they are made of physical beauty may be hiding a difficult character or an evil person, so always looked to the inner world of man, if you can see his good faith, and if you see the loyalty and Honesty means it good man, deciding remember that you fully responsible for it before God, God does not condone adultery, never destroy your family and that will never change who you created a family because cheating is a terrible sin, be true to who you have chosen, and to strengthen your relationship with God in the church, and remember that you are is responsible for one another.
Early in his family create the love of God, strengthen the faith and the love in their family and in their children, if the family does not love it goes to the children negatively, it deprives them of a sense of kindness and love, love is the main thing that needs to be jitteriness family, love, loyalty, understanding and respect, this is an ideal family. Every Christian family is the love of God above all else, as it should be, after all, for this family, we have to be thankful to God, teach your children to love God and believe in him, to instill faith in the hearts of your children from a young age and talk to them about God, tell your children about Jesus and His love, about what he has done and is doing for us, about how God and Jesus love us and that we also have to love them, and love one another, because love is the symbol of the family, teach it your family, every day make faith and love into your home, without love and without God can not be happy. Respect and love to strengthen the family always, if you and your selected people love and respect each other in your family will always love and faith, never to hurt those who are close to you and even to the other, does not hurt anyone because God sees all and if you cause pain to someone then remember that the pain may come back to you, God teaches us to love and goodness, and we need to hear him. Every family should be based on love and every family must be the love of God in the first place because all that we have gives us God.
My dear friends, love one another, be faithful to each other, treat with kindness and respect for others, always keep your family and help your family and all who can help educate children on the Word of God and teach them to love God, be kind and noble and never cause harm to anyone, love your family and do not expose it, give warmth and good to all, and remember God is always with you, Jesus will show you the right way, the main thing to trust and love.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!
Yes, God bless you!