Love each other

Pure love and a strong sense that is given to man in order that his life was beautiful and correct. Jesus on earth gave love to all, He gave love in his sermons, in his teachings, in healing people and the forgiveness of sins, the people He gave a great love of humanity and sacrificed his life for our sins, His love for God is infinite and vast, His love for people is so strong that he gave his life for the people, it is an example of true love that everyone should remember and follow it.
Love is not just a feeling, love is life, it is part of life without which human life is meaningless. In every human heart the most important place to take the love of God and Jesus, God our heavenly Father, our Creator, He gave us life, gave us the feeling and the chance of order to get a blessing and get into the heavenly kingdom of God in eternal life, Jesus is our Savior, our teacher and mentor, Jesus loves us and shows us from heaven right way, helps us, guides us to the kingdom of God, and is always with us and hides us from evil and hatred. Jesus and God does not welcome evil, they teach us to love each other and even the bad deeds committed against us answer only love.
Love is the ability to give warmth, joy, smile, understanding, love means to make life beautiful, every day, every hour, every minute, to think only about the good, full of life positive for themselves and for others, the ability to love and to give love, this is a great grace God, humanity, and never forget it. Is it possible to live without love in the world? It is like flying in the sky without wings, God’s love is so great that God is immense and boundless gives it to people so that they gave it to others, to spread it, share love with each other. Think of how many there are people in the world who lack the love that lack of heat, a lot of people but why? Why, when God gives us so much love on earth exists its deficit? Because there are some people who do not want to share the love, because some people prefer to follow the path of evil, they think only of themselves and do not care about anyone but themselves, they do not love anyone but himself and that is because of these people on the ground there is a lack of love and It is very sad but we must not turn away from such people, we have to teach them to love and truth and to show the true path leading to the kingdom of God, if each person opens his heart in the first place for the love of God dwell in the love of his heart, it will help change, change your life and the lives of others, if everyone is going to love God, love Jesus, love others, and to give this love to others then the whole world will be filled with love and there will be no room for evil, love can drive out the evil of life forever.
My dear friends, think about whether to spend life on the negative? Should I even give a second life and negativity when it is so short? Is it worth while to make such a life on earth that can prevent then go into eternal life in the heavenly kingdom of God? Of course not, evil is not worthy of a single second of our lives, there should be no evil, evil must be banished from the world and it can make love, love can drive out evil from human life, love can make life beautiful, learn to love and to give love, learn forgive and understand each other, learn to live and bring only positive in my life and the lives of others only a positive and then life becomes a beautiful and evil forever leave the world!
God bless you!