Love and loyalty

Loyalty and love are the main constituents of the family and Christianity. When creating a family and its sequel are the most important components and feeling the love and loyalty, they provide comfort and grace in the family, as well as the most important in the faith and love for God is faithful to him, these two things are one of the main themselves in life, in his family, his future in his faith. If a person lives love he will never commit bad deeds, will never leave his family and be there for her until the end, love can work miracles, and if it is true no one can destroy but God but God will never destroy the love He strengthens it also helps a person to develop this love in my heart. Love for God is the most important thing in one’s life, if the angry person is not the love of God who created everything on this earth including us it means that the person does not experience the love, the love of God is different from any other love, and it is the most important thing in life, if in your heart, love lives, love of God, to family, to friends, to neighbors and even to enemies it means that you are a gentleman, and live the true life, it means that God is pleased with you and you will be rewarded by God in the end of the road and life, God is always with you.
Family is a great grace of God, this is what God commanded us not not enough to start a family and have children in the family should be love and fidelity, without the creation and existence of the family does not make sense, a family without love, it is not a family, it’s just cohabitation, God teaches us to spread the love and the most important and the first thing is to love God and neighbor and who in the world is closer to man than his family?, only God. If a person is able to hurt and to hurt his family so he a hundred times more bad can do to another person and it is very bad and love can not do evil, the love of doing good and when it is in the heart of man is a person stops to think about the poor, love adorns life and makes it beautiful, God gave us this feeling in order that we shared it with others and make life beautiful.
Faithfulness is also one of the important components of life, devotion to God and family is very important and important things in life, only God Almighty and our Heavenly Father, and there is no God but Him, and everyone all the living and non-living things on earth created by God and only God governs all everyone should bow before God and be faithful to him, Every man must serve God with love and loyalty, God has done for us He even gave his only Son for our sins, Jesus gave up for us life and we should be grateful to God and to Jesus for it and to be faithful to God. God does not like change, he taught us loyalty and love, just as Jesus is faithful to it and we have to be faithful to God. God also teaches us fidelity in life, in the family, and everywhere, a person must be true to his chosen man with whom he had a family, God teaches us to faith and the Holy Bible, Jesus teaches us that adultery is a sin, and that you can not change the person with whom you create a family and can not bring it, you must be faithful to the end of his life, with no loyalty to the family ceases to exist and the one who has changed the sin before God and this sin is very scary as all other sins, God teaches us to love and loyalty, and we must obey God and Jesus, we must be faithful to each other and give each other love, and then the world around us is a great and evil will disappear from the earth forever.
My friends, love and respect each other, share love with others, give love to his family, his neighbors and be always true, and most importantly, love God and be faithful to Him because God is Single and Loving our Heavenly Father, He is our creator and He and Jesus love us and always with us.
Yes, God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!