Live without envy



Envy destroys man , envious people often fraught with anger that does not give him no rest . When a person is jealous of someone he sins before God , because God tells us not to envy . Envy leads a person to bad and evil deeds .
Everyone achieves that in this life itself , each person builds his life , and if someone did better in this life and who is smaller it does not mean that should be the envy make you crazy . Envious person becomes inadequate as his deeds. He can go all to harm to anyone jealous . The envious person can not be a good friend , it is very difficult to communicate with people , envy will eat him and his thoughts .
Never in my life do not envy anyone dovolstvytes fact that you have that God gives you , and remember , there is always someone who is much more difficult than you would never wish harm on anyone, God and Jesus see what’s going on in your heart and it’s sure to appreciate .
God bless you !