Kidness and love

Grandchild offering small bouquet of summer wild flowers to grandmother

Kindness and loveToday, when the world is a lot of evil and sin, it is important to spread kindness and love, these feelings are able to defeat the evil and destroy it, evil is powerless to love and kindness. God teaches us to always treat each other with love, even when committed against us evil.Each person is able to do good, just sometimes angry feelings in a person wins a desire to do good and he goes to the dark side, and it is very bad, often causes people to do evil, it is a bad attitude, ridicule, bullying, and more. It is in this case a very large role played by love, if we all treat each other with love then evil will be practically no any chance to seize people, because goodness and love will not let evil way of getting to the heart of man, and possess it.Do not mock and deride over a person or over his faults, remember, we are all children of God, we are all His creation and God loves everyone despite its shortcomings, how can the creator does not like your creation? Of course not, God loves us all no matter what.Think of the life of Jesus, He helped everyone and treated everyone with drobrom and love, even to those who cast him, he was always trying to do good and to this day he helps us. The Bible tells us that we must never admit to the heart of the evil that we have to support each other and help each other. Do not pass by the fallen, gave him her hand and give up, you do not know what tomorrow will be with you, and perhaps you, too, need help.Every day someone close need help, unfortunately people often do not notice it and pass by. We need to take a closer look around more closely related to each other, we need to see someone close to us need help and should always be ready to help each other, God sends help to man often through other people, through us, through you, He sends us at the right time in the right place, to where someone needs help and we notice it, we need to help each other always.Kindness and love is one of the most important components of life, without which life is impossible, without which life has no meaning if we do not do good, we will not love each other the evil completely take over the world, and imagine what will happen, a world without good and love will die. We should spread love and kindness as Wisdom always generate good by making someone good you are pushing it to the fact that he also made for someone a good deed and good spreads, it is very important that everyone should contribute to the spread of goodness and love, spread Word of God and faith.My dear friends. Take care and appreciate each other, take care of each other and do good, give love and conquer evil every day dorben and love will help clean up our world from evil and sin, will help shed light into the souls of those who succumbed to sin and evil, help sdelat world is much more beautiful and a lot of people to return to the true path. Remember, God and Jesus taught us to do dorben and to give love, to help each other and care for each other, follow the path of God and Jesus and the kindness and love forever destroy evil on earth.In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!