Justice is a very important part of life that God requires of us, which God and Jesus taught us, which plays an important role in human life. To be fair it is to be right and to honor and respect the laws of God always and everywhere to be only on the side of righteousness and truth, never let the evil and wrong reasons a person harm. Just remember how Jesus was during his life, as he fought for justice and helping people that did not fair, and now Jesus from heaven, watching how we value and protect justice.
Very often it happens that a person is being punished for what he did not commit, offend and humiliate a person it is a great sin, no one has the right to do with the creation of God, the more unfair. Always before you tell someone something and accuse him of something than you think right? Is this fair? Remember God and Jesus all see from the heavens and do not like injustice why not sin before God and never treat people unfairly. Do not judge others for their sins, only God can judge and He will give justice to each his own, but God is in the judge, only God decides who deserves what in life and in the Great Court.
People often hurt each other because of gossip, never listen to bad about someone who says something and trying to create conflict and bad relations between people never listen to these people, a lot of anger in the world and therefore does not allow evil to push you to the right path, Do not listen to rumors and gossips, always listen only to God, and your heart and then you’ll be fine, pray and you will drive away the bad thoughts out of the heart and head, and listen only to God and Jesus and never hurt each other and treat each other fairly and God praise you for it and reward his blessing. Justice is very precious and important component of life, if one holds that means he loves and respects the truth and this is very important and correct but to be fair it does not mean to punish each other for something, even if someone has offended you or made you feel bad, and he rightly deserves punishment, leave the decision to God, never Bring lynching, learn to forgive and trust God that He knows who and who relies you deserve. Always use fairness to all, never abuse the trust and the fact that people got it wrong, if a person unseen explain to him the truth, and never use the bad so that people can not resist you, remember God and Jesus sees all and justice always prevails.
My friends, always be fair to each other as we are taught the Lord God and Jesus, do not hurt and do not do evil to each other, if all people are just that justice will prevail in the world, God sees all and knows who deserves what he holds each give what it chooses, we should respect each other and be able to forgive, and this is very important, justice and truth are the two most important things in life and we have to respect and to distribute them, trust God and Jesus and your life will be good because justice and truth is God!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!