Hearth love

In the life of every person is important and love seat, the center of love is a place where you feel that you love, where your heart feels warm and comfortable where you are and where you gleefully happy. God is the seat of love and family, friends and strangers, who give you the love and warmth. In every heart there is a hotbed of love but not everyone gives this center and this love to others and this is very bad, love is given to man in order that he shared it with others, gave it to all who need it, and it makes our world and our lives beautiful. God is the main focus of love that never goes out, and that person does not cease to give love and warmth, God is love, He made love and gave it to us so we gave it to others, and the world was filled with love of God and Jesus give us the infinite, unconditional love that last us a lifetime and we have to give this love to all to defeat evil and hatred.
With love in life always occur only good things. Love encourages people to do good and help people create a family and have children, to respect and appreciate each other, give each other the best, love is a focus that never goes out, and yet in the heart At least one person is love then there is good on earth. God is the center of love and God teaches us to create a focus in life and family, the family is the center of the love that makes a person, as well as friends and relatives, as well as all around us, one has to create love and shares it with all so love it a lot and it fills the world.
God created the world with love, and love was the main feeling of humanity which has become a hotbed of warmth, kindness, faith and understanding, love is very important in human life and the focus of this love of God, nothing is impossible without love in life without love is no good and understanding and These things are very important for a full and proper life, every love has its place, the love of the mother, to family, to friends, just to others, but the most important thing is to love God and our Saviour Jesus, each of their love plays a huge role in human life and makes his life right and beautiful and the focus of this love is God, and therefore the most important thing is the love of God who created us and gave a feeling for our life to be a complete man to enjoy life and love and shared it with all because love is beautiful and the love of God and we should love and respect each other.
My dear friends, remember that God is the center of love and God and Jesus love us and teach us to love each other and give each other the love and warmth, treat each other with respect and love, the feeling of love always does a good and if this feeling will to live in a world filled with all love and kindness, and love is always stronger than evil, and there will be more evil and hatred because love is the strongest feeling that God has given mankind and everyone should appreciate it and spread everywhere. Love one another because God teaches us to love.
Yes, God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!