Good and evil

Good and evil are always fighting with each other and are always there on the ground, during the existence of good and evil, humanity has always faced and good always wins, and wins will win because good comes from God and the good God bless. Good makes people closer to God, it helps people and brings joy to the world, evil always brings pain and hatred and enmity between people, suffering and pain, evil never brings anything good and any evil begets evil, and it will continue as long as people do not learn only do dorben until people realize that evil destroys the world that evil brings only pain.

Each person takes his own decisions in his life and is responsible for his actions, every person who is aware that he was committing an evil act, and in spite of this terrible sin he commits, committing bad deeds pleasing to God and man develops evil in the land, and instead of fighting with him he spreads evil and makes it bigger. Evil will never bring anything good for the people because the evil comes from the devil and Satan is evil men to do evil deeds and doing bad things to Satan helps promote evil and spread it on the ground and among the people and it will destroy the world if people do wickedly not come to their senses and not repent before God.
Welcome taught by God and Jesus will save the world, every good deed done by man is another step in the destruction of evil, it is another step towards creating a world which wants to see his God, world without evil and hatred, without the pain and suffering, because all these bad feelings and experiences do evil and evil only brings pain. Think how wonderful it would be to live on the land without evil, how beautiful is the world around us in the world because so many good things, good and beautiful, we can not allow evil to spoil and destroy the beauty of the world and human life, evil knows no love and understanding, evil knows no help and friendship, evil only creates pain and exposes human torment and suffering, everyone is doing everything possible to destroy the evil and expel Satan, everyone must confront evil good and good deeds.
Good always triumphs remember this good given by God and it will save our world from evil, not evil for evil, on the contrary, if a person will respond to evil with evil that it will generate even more evil, good always answer even the most terrible evil, never avenge anyone that would have made you a bad answer is always a good, and good wins, responding to evil with evil you become complicit in evil and develop this evil, and the good response to any evil act on the part of someone or you do not leave a chance to develop resistance to evil, and thereby win it.
My friends, do not ever forget about God and Jesus, remember that they are always with you, when you pray hard and never give in to evil, never forget to do only good and evil act on any good answer, do not wish anyone harm and never cause pain to anyone, do not have enemies, and do not have a sense of revenge, revenge never leads to good, try to forgive those who hurt you and your forgiveness comes back to you from God, God sees everything and He knows when and to whom to answer for their actions and in due time he will give all the answers and everyone will answer for their actions before God, pray and love each other, respect each other and do only good and well save the world.
God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!