Forgiveness- is the grace of life

Forgiveness is the grace of life
Forgiveness is a great grace, God teaches us to forgive his debtor for and we will be forgiven our debts! If you hurt someone or done something bad, do not rush to take revenge because revenge never brings anything good and positive, and revenge only begets revenge and arranges a war between love, if each of us learn to forgive can passing it on the ground budnt much less hostility and revenge, you will forgive me if today then tomorrow must forgive you, because no one is immune from making mistakes.
Today when the world is full of evil and lies, full of hatred and revenge, it is important to learn and be able to forgive each other, because our God Almighty forgives us our mistakes, then we should be able to forgive and be blyagodat guilty in front of us, very often, and I would say forgiveness is always much clearer offending shows the error and correct it induces a vengeance always generates only evil and hatred, and our God Almighty has taught us to love each other and forgive!
Revenge breeds hatred between people and it often ends badly, you can not hate each other, because we only created the Heavenly Father and the duty to love, respect and forgive one another, forgiveness brings peace and relief not only to those we forgive but we ourselves, forgiveness shows our good heart and compassion, imagine how much easier and more beautiful than a man to forgive his soul inspire hatred and live with it, there’s nothing worse than revenge and hate is why God teaches us to be merciful to the people around us, even Jesus during the crucifixion, asked God to forgive those who did so with Him, He does not know hate, and asked God prstit even those who crucified Him on the cross!
We all need to realize that hatred and desire for revenge makes life hectic and heavy forgivness and gives us peace and kindness, showing our compassion, but not enough to just mere words but in his heart to hate, it makes no sense, we should be able to forgive all my heart , with all my heart and only then we will have peace!
My friends, let us follow God’s will and to do it, let’s be kind and merciful to each other, forgive each other no matter what mistakes they were not and we feel relieved in the our hearts of this grace!
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!