Communion with God

Prayer is turning to God and a way to communicate with God and Jesus, each person should pray to God and thank Him for passing day, bread and water, which God gave to the health of family and friends, for all that God and Jesus do for us. Prayers are different, but each contains a prayer thanks God, no matter how we pray, we should thank God with all my heart for all that He gives us, for all that He has done for us and does, we have to say thanks from the heart God always hears our prayers if we pray pure and from the heart, if the prayer comes only from the mouth it is not pleasing to God because prayer must come from the heart, that the heart must pass a prayer lips and mouth to say it, this is what real prayer is heard God.
The world has a lot of religious books which were written in different prayers, but do not have to read the book on prayer, real prayer comes from the heart, words, tells the heart, if you just read the words written in the book and do not feel anything, if in prayer your heart is turned to God that this is the same verse or read what some book because prayer must say heart. People often begin to pray when they are difficult or need help, only a few remember God, do not do so, we must remember God is always in the first place, to pray to God always, always refer to it and say thanks, and not just when it becomes necessary.
Jesus always prayed to God and always said thanks, he gave thanks to God for all that God has prepared for him, even though he had to die for the sins of the people, this is the true faith and love for God, for God is necessary to address not only when you see what that reason, and always when you eat, when you are going to sleep, when to just stay at home, remember God always, always pray to Him, ask Him to strengthen your faith, to save you from the temptation to show you the right path and forgive your sins, give thanks God for all that he gives to you, even if you have a hard day and not all is well you should still thank God because if you mean that it happened because it was necessary, then it was His will and we have to bow to the will of God He knows what is good for us and for all the will of God, remember how Jesus endured hardship but he always thanked God, and are proud to bow before him head, so must we.
Prayer is the only way to communicate with God, do not stuff your prayers just empty words, pray with all your heart, and God will hear you. No need to ask God for material values about money, car, career and other things like that, it’s time in our world, God Himself sees what you need and gives you what he thinks fit, never resist the will of God and always Be grateful for everything. Ask for the purification of the soul and the heart, for protection from evil and evil forces, strengthening of faith and forgiveness of sins, for the health and well-being of loved ones, pray even for our enemies, that the Bible teaches us that God himself sees who does good and who is evil, He will judge the one who is evil, never tell anyone not desire evil desires only good and pray to God, and God will hear you and His grace and love will always be with you, remember God and Jesus love you.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!