Be grateful

Everyone should be thankful to God for life and for all that God has given him in life, never forget that what we have gives us God, some people when they become difficult to say that God has abandoned them, never said, God never leaves us, Jesus is always with us and help us, our every passing day, our every breath is God, and we have to thank God and Jesus for that. Yes, in life are sometimes difficult, but it does not mean that God is not with us, think of how many difficulties was Jesus, how He suffered for us, as He has done for us but He always praised God and thanked Him for every day, because even difficulties that we sometimes experience is advisable to so that we can understand the difference between good and bad, that we were able to test how strong our faith in God, because of the difficulties of faith is weakened it means in your heart there is no God, then faith in your heart is not strong, And if in spite of all the difficulties you continue to believe in God and thank Him, it means that in your heart, God lives and strong faith that is in you.
Be grateful to God and to Jesus does not mean only to say the words in the prayers of gratitude, gratitude should be in your heart, in your mind, on this site you can find the article about the miracles of Jesus, how he helped people and how it works wonders, it one more reason to thank him for all that he did for us. Gratitude is also made in your actions, in your faith, in the manner of your life, if you just say thanks and do not have this feeling in the heart of what it means that you are ungrateful, because I have to thank God with all my heart and soul to believe in Him, your good deeds and correct way of life it is also thanks to God and Jesus. God rejoices and praises you if you live right and religiously believe in him, if you say your prayers with all your heart, and if you have a strong belief in, this is the greatest thanks to God for all that we have, for the fact that we live another day for the fact that today we have a piece of bread to soak for a fact that we can love and be happy for all that God gives us.
The feeling of gratitude is a worthy sentiment that should be in every person that shows his face, ungrateful man is not pleasing anyone, thanks a manifestation of the honor and dignity of man, God gave us this world, gave nature, to live and to love, is not that wonderful? If we live by the word of God, God will give us eternal life, as in His heavenly kingdom, for all that we have to thank God and Jesus who gave his life for our sins.
God, we thank you and Jesus for all that you are doing for us, we thank you for every day, for all that we have, thank God, and Jesus does not leave us and be with us always, we thank you for everything!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!