Parental duty

In this article we want to talk about the parental duty to God and Jesus. Unfortunately frequent facts when parents leave their children and abandon them for various reasons, but whatever the reason it was not a grave sin, it is a huge guilt before God and Jesus. A child is a gift of God, and throwing him a person commits a sin because it is a human life that God has with man brought to the world and a man throwing his child refuses the will of God, and make parental love, that’s too bad, God tells us to love all, and the more their children, teaches us to educate and keep them, give them warmth, affection and love. In the world there are parents who do not accept this gift of God, many fathers and mothers leave their children to fend for themselves, it is irreparable sin which expects severe punishment from God. Throwing the baby’s parents take on to isolation and lack of warmth and love that ultimately very bad for the life and future of a child, because a child needs education, warmth, kindness and understanding parents, and only parents can give it to him, as though other people may try to give a child the love and warmth that never compare to parental warmth, fortunately there are many families who take abandoned children to him and raise them as their own and give them warmth that does not give these parents and this is a very noble act, God values these people and helps them, these people have the grace of God, to take in a family abandoned by someone the child is a great grace and great work, and God will reward those people.
It is the duty of every parent is caring for your child, remember that when God gives you a child you have to love it and care for it, nurture it, to teach him to love God and Jesus, care for and protect him from sin, it is the duty and mission in front of his parents a child and God. Can there be anything more beautiful than a child who was born and brought light into your life? Of course not, because the child is a new life given by God, and the parents have to do everything for the well-being of their children. Very often, when a husband and wife disagree when a child in a small age, he suffers, it is bad for the child’s mind and in his understanding, so never destroy your family, do not throw children because children are a great gift of God, a new life, it is future.
Parental duty to protect their children and give them warmth, to bring them up so that they are good and just, loving God, men, that they had strong faith and love for God and Jesus, if every parent can achieve this result, the new generation that we educate generation will be goodness and nobility, the generation of love and understanding, this generation will be able to make changes in the world where a lot of evil and injustice, because the actions of each person is largely dependent on the education and upbringing of children is giving you, the parents. Treat with a love for their children, try to understand them and for them to become friends and mentors, never renounced his child because he is the life given by God, this is the future, and God teaches us only love for others. Remember that God sees you and watching your life and never do anything that God forbids you to follow the word of God and Jesus, love and take care of their children and bring them with honor and dignity, so help you with this God!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!