Father and family

His father is a man who carries a great responsibility for the family and for its future, the father is very important in human life because the love of his father, his prestige and value play an important role in the development of the child and the family in the education of children, the father can not give that which will give the mother and his mother can not give that which will give the father, so the complete family must have a father and he should be involved in the education of children and family development. A father’s love for her child and love the child to the father is the component that makes the family complete, the mother gives a great love but also a father’s love is irreplaceable as a mother’s love, a child needs a father and mother so that he did not feel the emptiness and inferiority compared to other children, very often children who have no father or mother feel incomplete and it is often very bad for them. Unfortunately as the mother and many fathers leave their families and children and do not participate in the upbringing of the child and it is very bad to leave the family and children is a sin and God will forgive you, the gift of God and a child leaving him you shoot yourself Responsibility that God has entrusted to you and discard the will of God. When a man and woman create a family they both take responsibility for the it and they both have to take care of the family, when one of them leaves, and leaves his family that he was in breach of its promise to God to protect and preserve the family and love to death.
Father’s love for a child is always important especially in the teenage years when he needed advice, support and education, where the child needs warmth and understanding, the father is very important for everyone, it is an example and ideal for their children and that is why God never teaches bring your family to always be with his family and children, to help them and protect them. Being a father is a great pleasure and a gift of God for every man and every man is obliged to safeguard the dignity and keep the gift.
Children love their fathers and mothers, that the Bible teaches us, we also ought to love their parents, we should love and respect his father and mother, they called God gave us life, educate and protect us, give us warmth and love, everyone should love and honor your father and your mother, that’s two closest people in my life, these are the people who love us and is always with us when we find it difficult, of course, there are exceptions when parents leave their children and it is a great sin, but fortunately it does not happen often, and we’ll discuss this in our next article.
My dear friends, appreciate and love your parents, honor your father and your mother, remember the mother is a symbol of love and a symbol of respect for the father, God teaches us to love, the father loves his child and is ready to sacrifice life for it and we have to love our fathers and respect them, listen to them when they give good advice in life, my father never wanted to harm the child, the mother and father are the people through whom you today is, God gave us a life with them, and we have to respect and love them, remember Jesus treated his parents, both revered and respected, loved, and love them as Jesus loves his heavenly Father, Almighty God, every person should follow the example of Jesus, and then everything in life will be great!
Yes, God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!