world of a saint or a Christian world!

Christianity is the most widespread religion on the planet, today the number exceeds two billion Christians around the world, in Christianity there are many a saint or as it is called the higher concepts such as icons, church, prayer, a candle, and so on, this attribute of the Christian world which important for all Christians.
When the Christian prayed before the icon of a saint or just asking for God’s blessing, he believes in it and I am sure that his prayers would be answered!
for a true Christian, there is only one God who sent his only Son Jesus Christ in human form to earth to atone for the sins of mankind, and there is no god but him.
when a Christian needs help or just wants to pray he asks of his patron saint or god hear it asks prayers and specify the correct path!
The Lord our God commanded us to be merciful to each other, respect and love each other, help each other, do not worship idols, and to be faithful to the Lord God! He gave for us to sacrifice his only son, and showed that his boundless love!
before you do that, or stop and ask yourself properly you act or not? Analyze your act and then do step!
If you think that where it went bad or wrong to go to church and pray
Lord God, forgive us our sins and bless us to be always with us in our hearts and saved us from the evil forces, instilling in the light of our souls and help us get back on the right path enlighten our path, and make us so what do you want to see us, help to find the truth and justify the high honor of being a Christian and you go to the specified path and save us!
in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen