What makes us rich?

what makes us rich

In this world, what makes us rich is not what we get , but what we give . Always give the soul and from the heart, always help those who are in need and will be given to you by God , God and Jesus see our good works, and they are always happy when we help someone when we extend a helping hand to those who need help when we treat each other with understanding , respect and love , when we are concerned about the fate of those who surround us , the fate of each other , the fate of those we see in need, God and Jesus always help us and we should follow suit and help each other , wealth is no money and no luxury homes , it’s not cars or expensive clothes , wealth is faith , love, pure heart and soul of light , they make us rich , remember, the more you give to the soul , the more will be given to you in life and after it, always stretch the hands of those who have fallen , always help those who find it difficult , always try to be pure and generous , try not to ignore those who need help , do not pass indifferently by those who need help , remember the earth benefits are only temporary and you will find eternal life in heaven in the kingdom of God and Jesus , go to this life helping others and you will find peace and spiritual richness , remember God and Jesus is with you , God bless you !