Trust God

trust god

Human life is created by God as man himself, the man God’s creation and no one can love a man stronger than God. God created man and gave him the choice between good and evil, between good and evil, God has revealed to man both ways and the man himself has to choose to trust God and to follow the path of evil.
God always does good for the man to trust God means to open your heart to God and Jesus and commit your life to God. Think, how can the creator wish ill for its creation? How could the Creator of love to hurt you, can it gave life to lead you down the wrong path? Certainly net.Bog never hurt you, never hurt you, God is always thinking about you, always with you, always helps when your heart is open to faith and your faith is strong, God always sees what and when and if you need that that does not happen in time, be patient, God will fait justice, God is justice.
Trusting his life to God you choose the right path that leads you to the light that leads you to the goodness and love, which leads you to God. Trusting your life you let in the Almighty God in your heart, in your soul, open your mind and give up bad, you come to life safely knowing that God is with you and that God will never leave you in the lurch, life is good when it ruled God when we are on the path specified by God and Jesus, we pray to God with all your heart, and every day of his life trying to do good or to help someone you know, to bring the good in the world, God teaches us kindness and love, God teaches us to faith and truth, when we trust our lives to God, we realize that all that God does for us, it is done with love, God loves us so much that He gave His only Son for our sins, and then perhaps one can doubt the love of God? Of course not, never smonevaytes in God will never turn away from Him because God is life and love.
Each person chooses his own path in life, and each person is responsible for their choices, trusting his life to God, we’re doing the only right choice, we are on the right path and live the Word of God, the teachings of Jesus has always helped people in life and help today, the Bible shows the truth to us and teaches us how to live and how to get to heaven is the kingdom of God but for that we must entrust their lives to God and to follow the path that God and Jesus show us the path of goodness, justice and love, and when we pass this way God will take us to his kingdom in heaven, where one will find eternal life.
My dear friends, to entrust their lives to God, open your heart to God and the world around you will be different once, follow the path pointed to God and remember that God and Jesus are always with you and will never leave you if your heart is faith and if you trust God to your life!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!