True life

God gives man two lives, one earthly and the other spiritual life after the great judgment. Earthly life God has given to every man, so that he is born and begins his earthly life. On how people live their life on earth depends on his second spiritual life. God has closely followed the man during his earthly life and give him all the necessary knowledge for a person to understand and understand what is good and what is bad, people clearly understand the meaning of sin and its consequences, and God gives everyone the right to a free choice and a person chooses to live your life on earth. Unfortunately, there are people who do not realize that life on earth is only a temporary stay of man on earth, and that the main and real life is the spiritual life that goes only to those who live life on earth by the word of God, who keep the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus, who puts God above whole lives as the Holy Bible teaches, as creator and wants that Jesus teaches.
Life on earth is full of temptations and sinful temptations, God teaches us not to give in to the temptations and sinful temptations because it is bad and it confronts us with the truth of God’s ways and lead us to a reckoning. Evil that engulfed our world can not continue and will die if each of us seeks only to do good, sin ceases to exist if everyone refuses to sin and sinful deeds and will go on a road that leads to the Kingdom of God. Earthly life is only a temporary condition of the person, the place where a person shows their advantages and disadvantages, where man chooses his own way forward and his choice is his future. Everything we see around us is created for man, created by God to a man’s life was perfect but unfortunately many people take what they are given for bad purposes, and this is very bad, if everyone would aspire only to the good that the world is a great place and there will be no room for evil, so it is conceived creator, clean, kind, light and sinless, can not spoil the fact that given by God, all that is given should be used only in the good and noble to produce good and then the whole world will be a wonderful and sin and evil will cease to exist in our world.
My dear friends, think, Is not it wonderful to live in kindness and love? Is not it great to bring to the world only kindness and love? Of course this is fine, God gives everyone a chance to achieve great grace of God and get in his heavenly kingdom which will be given eternal life without evil, no pain, no sickness and no death, a life where there is envy and revenge, pain and suffering, a life in which you will be close to God and Jesus, kotoroya will always full of warmth and love, and in which you will enjoy the paradise that gives God, listen to God’s Word, prislushaytes to Jesus, follow the path of God and come to the gates of heaven and God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!