The way to God


The desire of every true Christian is to be closer to God, to obey His word and follow the road Courtyard surrounds it points. The way to God is through kindness and love, through the mercy and compassion, through understanding and reconciliation through repentance and forgiveness, the path to God leads us through life until his death, and until that day when we stand before God and when He decides that with us be. Every man is created by God and every human life is from God, God loves everyone and wants people lived life on earth by His word because His word is good and love, God wants us all to the good, and love, God wants us to help each other and brought into the world of love.
On the path to God means to do good, to give love and to bring to life only positive emotions, bringing to life only then that God thinks is right, to follow God’s way means to struggle against sin the power of love and kindness. Every person who follows the way of God to do good and brings love, think about how many people in the world who lack the warmth and human love, how many people who need help, unfortunately a lot of these people, if each of us will be thinking about what the people around him Together we can help those who are in need of love and warmth, those who need our help.
God teaches us to show generosity and compassion for people, teaches us to help those who need help, today, unfortunately, many people refuse to help someone you know, many people think only of themselves and this is wrong, you should always take care of the needy, those who need support, even If we can not help financially, At least moral support means a lot. Our God teaches us that we can not leave each other in trouble, that you should always help each other. Remember how Jesus helped people, He did not leave anyone without assistance and helped everyone, he did everything to make people understand that good always helps to defeat the evil that belief in God works miracles and faith is strong if it is possible.
My dear friends, follow the path to God and to do good in this way, try to help everyone who needs help, and God will praise you for it, try to look around and see those who are in need of your help, your support, life is short, the main catch to do more for his life of good deeds and follow the path to God, and at the end of this path when you stand before God and Jesus will be given to you for your good and God will accept you into His heavenly kingdom and give you eternal life.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!