The Sermons

The Sermons – is religious speech, uttered a cleric in the Church, and which has the task of listening to tell and explain the teachings of Jesus Christ.
We often hear the sermons in churches and temples, the priests in their sermons tell us about the life of Jesus, God, the priests bring us the teachings of Jesus in his preaching, when we listen to the sermon, we learn more about Jesus and His Holy affairs, learn more about the Bible and the prophets, we enter into a time for us to offer life in sermons priests have always taught us the word of God, they tell us and explain the Bible, we interpret her meaning!
The Sermons are important to the Christian world, Jesus also preached to the people of God, and told him about the e greatness, its meaning, sermon helps Christians understand themselves, explains to him the meaning of life and the meaning of the teachings of Jesus and the word of God, while preaching priest shares with us His knowledge and it sends them to us, to preach God can not only in the church, because the word of God must reach everyone and especially to those who have turned away from him, and whose faith has been shaken, so the priests often are preaching outside the church so that they come to those who do not go to church, so that everyone descended from the true path leading to God is back on the right path and came to his senses, so sermons are so important.
We all have to preach God and Jesus, wherever possible, to communicate to the people the truth, those who return to the correct confused right way, everyone should know about God is that He is our Creator and that he gave his only Son for our sins everyone should know that Jesus the Son of God gave his life in pain and it paid for our sins and that we must live according to the word of God and the teachings of Jesus to gain eternal life and forgiveness, the truth must be up to each person in the church and beyond its limits, which is why the sermon important in our life!
My friends, listen to more sermons at your church, listen to their hearts and pass them all, those who are close to you, those who are close to you and those who are foreign to you, for there is no other people because we are all God’s lambs, and all we have to brings to the deaf and ignorant word of God, preach the name of God and Jesus, tell everyone that we all need to repent and get back on the right path, we must honor and love of our Creator because He loves and protects us! God bless us!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!