The Power of Faith

Faith is the most powerful thing in the man, the man in whose heart there is faith can do wonders, and is always close to God. Faith is the most profound sense of man, belief in God is something without which man can not resist the evil and defeat it, a man without faith will never get close to God and in his heart will never be room for God. The biggest example of faith is the faith of Jesus that led to his life and to which he gave his life for our sins, so to save mankind, Jesus’ faith in God is the strongest and the strong and everyone should follow the example of this belief and also strongly believe in God Jesus also love God as Jesus and to follow the right path that Jesus taught us.
Human life without faith in God does not make sense because the man does not have God’s heart does not understand the truth and is not on the right path that leads to God, if you do not have faith in the heart of the person moves away from God and loses the right path leading to the heavenly kingdom of God , a man without faith makes a lot of mistakes and sins for which then will be responsible before God. Faith in God strengthens man and gives him the strength of God, helps him to overcome difficulties and to find the true way, faith is what unites man with God and helps people find inner peace and truth, life serving God and doing His will, to walk on the right path and seeks the kingdom of God for the good and love, without faith in the heart of human life has no meaning.
When a person prays to God then, too, the most important is faith, pray without faith is like reading a book without words, without faith, prayer is just words because that faith helps bring prayer to God and talk to God about what’s bothering you, only faith can work miracles from God and give a man power. Every person who believes in God knows that faith always saves and God always helps those who truly believe in Him, and whose prayers are full of faith and love for God, God will always see who truly believe in Him who truly serve Him and live by His word. Jesus teaches us that the main thing to believe in God and love God, and all will be well, then God will hear our prayers and will always help us, Jesus’ faith is so strong that he had given him the torment and crucifixion and totally opposed to this, this should be the faith of every man must be at the heart of unwavering faith in God and love for Him. Truly a believer is not afraid of the disease and evil, faith saves him and God is always with him, God values faith in man and love for Him because it is central to human life.
My dear friends, never doubt in God and Jesus, strengthen in yourself and the people around you believe in God and love for God and Jesus, remember that God and Jesus is always with you and always see who truly believe with all my heart in it and admits them in their hearts, they can see who is worthy of mercy, and whose heart is pure, pray to God and thank God and Jesus for all that you have, for all you have given, trust and love and your faith will save you and help you in the name of God and God keep you, God!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!