The Holy Name Of Jesus

The name of Jesus Christ is the most important thing in this world, Jesus is the Savior of all mankind who gave their lives for the remission of our sins, Jesus Christ the only son. God the son whom God sent to Earth to atone for the sins of mankind, the son of God who was exhausted and crucified on the cross for our sins, the people of the son of God who loves us without even thinking gave his life for us, and even when he was crucified on the cross, he prayed to God that God forgave those who so with him was so great and infinite love of Jesus to the people.
Throughout his earthly life, Jesus worked well and helped people, Jesus ‘ name came to all on Earth, people led to his patients and Jesus healed them, opened blind eyes, and stood up on his feet. lame, Jesus performed miracles in the name of God and preached the Kingdom of God, preached the good and justice, the name of Jesus knew everything and everybody helped. Jesus is the great personality, the greatest man who ever lived on Earth, the name of Jesus is the greatest, the most significant and holy name for mankind.
After the crucifixion of Jesus was lifted up to Heaven by his father, Almighty God and today it reigns with the father. Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit and from the very first day that Jesus knew him are destined by his father, he knew that his waiting and despite that he loved and loves us, he boldly walked forward and helped those people many of whom then demanded his death by crucifixion of Jesus name. most noble Name mankind, Jesus teaches us to love and forgive each otherHe always was, is and will be alongside those who sincerely believe in him who sincerely repented and got on the right path, those who took in his heart to God, who live according to the word of God and is on the way of Jesus, Jesus is the path leading to paradise to eternal life.
The name of Jesus Christ is the whole history of mankind, we are nobody without him, if I had not the Jesus of today would not have been any of us, we would have disappeared, but Jesus took judged for our sins and paid for it with their lives. Jesus gave us life, and we are doing something for the sake of Jesus? Ask yourself, are we doing anything to justify what Jesus has done for us? Are we right? The Holy Bible and the 10 commandments give us the life and if we are living life correctly and in time will understand and stand up to the true path then Jesus and our God Almighty give us eternal life in the heavenly realm, isn’t it perfect? It is a great gift of God and Jesus Christ.
My friends, always remember and keep in their hearts the name of Jesus, remember that it was thanks to him that we all live and enjoy life, do everything to get back on the correct path and be worthy to enter the Kingdom of God to Jesus and God and deserve eternal life and God bless you!