The Christian Family

The family of a true Christian is different from families of other faiths, in every Christian family has its own values and they are all connected to God and a strong faith in Him, in a Christian family in the first place is God and then everything else, the value of the family is of great importance, value means that the family holds an important role in the life of Christians, the family is the true value and loyalty and love in the family are always the key to the strength of the Christian family.
In the Christian families of children with short life are introduced to the Bible and read it in front of the children or give them to the children themselves, and worshiped with the small children know God, instilled a belief in God in his heart and then gave it to the future of their families. Christian families often go to church to pray to God for the purification of the soul, and thank God for every day of life. The church also holds an important role in the life of a Christian family, as a way to approach God, dialogue with him, and it is an integral part of life christian family.
Christian religion teaches loyalty and love, and rejects the traitors, the Bible says that the couple gave the oath of allegiance and joined in the bonds of marriage to be faithful to each other until their death do us part, rejects the Bible as the relationship between a man and a woman without marriage, so marriage and Family is very important constituents in human life and Christianity looks at it with attention and rigor.
Raising children in a Christian home course is the Christian tradition, every Christian should be baptized and typically baptize children right from an early age and thus illuminate their path in life, being baptized person receives God’s good and God protects and preserves his life, but If a person sins knowingly then it must stop in time and so far, every Christian family has a house icon and the Bible, that Christians feel closer to God, and it is difficult you can always pray to God and ask for peace of mind, God always helps those who truly believe in Him Christian families celebrate Christian holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and others, every Christian knows that he must love and respect his family and to love your neighbor, and always help those who need help.Unfortunately are families who have not accepted God into their hearts but each of us has to help these families find and know the truth.
My friends, respect and take care of his family, his neighbors and even his enemies, bequeathed to us by our Heavenly Father, we need to be compassionate and warm to those around us, and if each of us in the family, in the circle will give warmth and understanding then soon the whole world will be filled with warmth and live in the world will be much better.
Yes, God bless you!