Telling the truth

telling the truth

When all lies , telling the truth is somehow .. Especially! Lies never brings good when a person is lying , he avoids the truth and it says it is not positive , it’s bad lie , lie creates distrust between people and alienates people from each other makes life difficult and sows confusion in the soul , the truth is strong and unwavering , though is the power in the hands of who she is, the truth always wins and is always lie ahead , a man who speaks the truth is strong and no lie can not be compared with the truth and defeat her. God teaches us not to lie, teaches us to trust each other and treat each other with respect, lies can never be respected , lies revealed sooner or later the truth becomes obvious , and therefore lie before the truth always loses . Never try to lie to someone you know and the more God and Jesus , always follow the truth , the truth is a force that always lead you to victory over falsehood , remember that!