Struggle with sin

Struggle with sin is the date of the existence of mankind, believers have always struggled with sin and fight to date, generated by Satan and sin spread throughout the world through the people who have lost the true path of God, and refused to even knowing where to lead them this way. Sin is a weapon in the hands of Satan which he will use to take over the souls and hearts of the people and get them to do bad deeds, to make people kill each other, change each other, revenge and do evil, it is through sin, and weak people who can not overcome the Satan tempted to try to turn the world into hell and anyone who leads a sinful life helps him in this, Satan wants to destroy the world and people, and for this it uses a sin that leads people to commit terrible acts.
Goodness, faith and love are the main weapons in the fight against sin, these three feelings overcome sin and do not leave him a chance to develop and everyone should take part in the struggle to defeat sin and expel Satan. Jesus cast demons out of people preaching the good faith and love, and taught the people the Word of God and teaching the love of God, He is always fighting and struggling with sin and it always wins because Jesus is good and good always triumphs over evil. People do a good deed is already struggling with evil, every good deed made by the person it is a victory over evil and sin, people should not give in to temptation and earthly temptation, one must resist the sinful thoughts and feelings, he should drive them away and keep away if Each person will find the strength to unsubscribe from sin and banish the ego sin leaves our world and evil will disappear, the world would just love and goodness in the world will be fine to live a man live his earthly life of love and peace.
Prayers are very helpful to banish evil thoughts, if a person feels that it is visited by evil thoughts, he should pray to God and to Jesus and ask for help in the expulsion of these ideas, ask for help in getting rid of temptation and wholeheartedly believe in God and Jesus and God will hear the prayers and help counteract the sins have overcome sin, will help drive it away from you and to purify the heart and mind of sinful thoughts so if you have a sudden visit sinful thoughts pray and ask God to help you get rid of it, the prayer is very important and it always helps a person if it comes from the heart, and if it is sincere.
It is very important to help others to deal with sin and evil, if you see someone close to you go to sinful thoughts, or if someone is going to make a bad thing, try to explain to him that it is bad and drive away evil thoughts, help those who find it difficult to deal with sin itself is very important and it is very good to help others, it is a noble act and God praises those people, if everyone will think not only about themselves but also about others then defeat the evil will be much easier if people would help each other to deal with sin and the evil that humanity can defeat evil once and for all.
My friends, remember that God is with you and Jesus, and that you are not alone, Entrust God and Jesus and follow the path that they show you, struggle with sin and with God’s help and with your faith you defeat evil and sin, Jesus, and God always with us and they love us, they always help us and show us the right path leading to the kingdom of God, remember if your faith and love for God are strong, sin and evil can never defeat you, if God is with you and Jesus is nothing and no one not be able to block your path to true life, and you can overcome sin and evil, you will be able to fill the world with joy and love and banish evil from the world forever.
God bless you!