Serving God

Serving Our Lord God is the duty and responsibility of every person God has created all around us and all that we have, God has given us everything we need to serve God, and it is a great honor for everyone. God does not require human nothing is impossible, it only requires a good life according to His commandments, obedience and kindness, God wants to be in the world was evil and teaches kindness and love. The man serves God when do good things when helping someone you know who’s hard when gives love and forgiving when bring the good, when there is strong faith and it helps others to strengthen their faith in God and to teach the love of God, respect your family and others, when it is on the right path, that’s when one serves God.
Unfortunately, in the world there are many people who are turned away from God and forget about it, I gave faith on earth temptations and do not even realize that in the end of life will face the judgment of God, and will answer for their actions, many people think only about their earthly needs and pleasures completely forgotten that their sins will be responsible before God. Serving God is the spiritual path of life and person, if the person is the true God and to live as God teaches us that he will be rewarded with eternal life in the kingdom of God with God and Jesus. Serving God is a great honor and pleasure for everyone, is there anything more beautiful than love and kindness? Of course not, and service to God this is the manifestation of the feelings of other people, when a man serves God and live by His Word, he creates a good and this good teaching others. Just pray and go to church does not mean that man is God, a person must have a pure heart and soul, God should be the heart and that’s when people truly serving God, if not angrily faith and love, it is only going to church and reading prayer is not enough because it should come from the heart and love for God should be in the heart.
In a world where a lot of evil and hatred is very important to serve God and bring into the world of love and goodness, warmth and understanding, it is important to communicate the Word of God to everyone, to help lost in a sinful world to stand on the right path and get to know God, if everyone would serve God world and humanity will be able to defeat the evil, and every person who serves God with all your heart and live by His Word will be blessed by God and rewarded for their loyalty and well lived life. His service person makes the world better and more beautiful than informing the word of God to everyone, sharing love and warmth with others, helping people, defeating evil. If someone has lost the right path and got lost in this sinful world, help him find the right path, help me find God in your heart and try to return to the right path and it is service to God, doing good and victory over evil. God loves us and wants to be in the world was evil people to love and respect each other, so that each person had a heart of faith and love for God and the ability to share that love, that man gave love and warmth of the people around him and to all who may , love and kindness can save the world from evil and sin, and if everyone will understand it and live by the word of God and to serve God with kindness and love the evil will leave the world and our world will be perfect.
My dear friends, to serve the Lord, convey His Word to everyone, to help those who need help, and always try to defeat evil and to strengthen their faith and the faith of others in God and Jesus, remember Jesus and God is always there with you, they will always help you if live in the heart of faith and love, serve God in truth with all your heart, and you will be given for this blessing of God, and eternal life in the heavenly realm of the Lord and may God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!