Revelation of revelations

Revelation is an open variety of God for himself and his will to people, the revelation comes from God, but it can also come through an intermediary of God, It often comes to us in the Scriptures, these writings are regarded as God-revealed
In Christian theology distinguishes universal, or universal (in the sense of purpose) supernatural revelation (Universal revelations), to which belong the Scriptures (the Bible), and (in the historic churches) Holy Tradition. In church tradition it is believed that this type of testimony given by God for the salvation of men
Revelation can often be found in the Gospels, they go to nass through the prophets and apostles, for example, is the Revelation of John, and others, in Revelation, we read what God wants to tell us what he warns us
For example, in Revelation describes the second coming of Jesus to the earth, which will be accompanied by miracles, revelations that bring us the truth, tell us the essence of life, and then we should pay maximum attention, we must learn and know the will of God, in this very helpful testimony apostles who bring us the Word of God!
Revelation itself mean the truth, the openness of mind and soul, we must give ourselves completely to God and live forever as our Savior teaches us to Jesus in the Bible, Revelations of several assembled apostles, and in them we can find answers to many questions, reading the Bible and its revelation we discover the peace of God, we become closer to God and begin to understand the essence and meaning of many things in life, we become wiser, and our wrong outlook on life changed, we let God into their lives and walking in His path gain eternal life in heaven!
My friends, read the Bible to discover the truth of life in every line, every revelation, every word you read will become closer to God, am the Lord will come with you and bless you!

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!