A person commits sins in my life and it happens often, sometimes a person sins himself without realizing it, but the most important thing is that the person time to realize his sin and repented before God, sincerely repented and asked for forgiveness for what he did. A man who knows and willfully making doubly sinful act is sinful because he knows that doing what displeases God, that is not correct and is a sin and still sovershet is he doing it intentionally and not repenting of sin, he is not aware of his guilt and sin that continues at the end of his life will lead to punishment. sin derives from Satan and every action that encourages people sin and evil becomes an accomplice of Satan.
Repentance is a great relief to a person repents of sin, man feels that he dropped a heavy load on the heart becomes easier and people as if born again and begin a new life. Repentance must be sincere and come from the heart, repenting of our sins before God man begs for forgiveness and if it sincerely and from the heart of God hears his repentance and prayer. It is very difficult to live with sin in the heart, it does not give a man of peace, as though a man conceal his sin in the hearts he knows what is sinful and always remember this and repented before God let this feeling it, he felt better and he again begins to live a new life, before it is opened again and the world breathes easy to him, my heart there is no load, it is so beautiful time to repent of their sins and ask for forgiveness from God. Remember the prodigal woman is so much to repent of their sins and regret that only touching Jesus was forgiven, faith and repentance were so strong that it felt Jesus forgave her sins and she began to live a new life, let God into your heart and found the truth, stood on the right path leading to the kingdom of God, she repented of his sins, and God truly forgive her, is an example of how much needs to be a sense of regret and sorrow and how strong a person’s faith should be.
Repent before God, one should not repeat the sin, one must take the right path, to let God into your heart and hear the Word of God must do good and live a good life to justify the resulting forgiveness, repenting people should forget about the wicked deeds, never to them not commit a sin that is very bad, sin destroys the world and people, so everyone should get back on the right path and find the truth, hear the Word of God and let God into your heart. Repentance is a grace that is given to man in order that he might repent of our sins and redeem them doing good, prayers, a proper life and faith in God, repentance is the force that returns people to the right path leading to the gates of the kingdom of God, this feeling which helps people to recognize their mistakes and correct them, to start a new life and get closer to God, to strengthen their faith and become a new person.
Repent of your sins, recognize mistakes and ask for forgiveness from God, with all your heart, soul, and God will hear you, He simplicity your sins and show you the true path, walk up to God and Jesus, pray and your prayers will be heard and God bless you!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!