Prophecy in life

Prophecy in human life has always played an important role in the ancient prophets mentioned in the Bible many times, the prophets at all times predicted and warned people about future events, the prophets in their time talking to people about the coming of Jesus to the earth, the prophecy in the life of people had weight and meaning, Unfortunately today, we can only guess, and read ancient prophecies prophets who have left us because in the modern world, no prophets, and all who call themselves prophets and actually deceive people sinners simple though it may be someone somewhere to eat and we talked about this do not know!
In the world there are many who call themselves crowded prophets and say that they can see the future and use the name of God, it is a huge sin, you can not use the name of God for their own gain, the ancient prophets are transmitted to people what God told them and never take anything back!
Prophecy in ancient times, has executed a large role in my life, many of the prophets have not listened and drove but eventually pervasive nature of their prophecies come true, people understood that made the mistake of not listening and driving prophets, today we read the ancient prophecies and today, too many people with sarcasm and irony are the writings of the biblical prophets, even today, after so many prophecies come true people do not want to believe the writings of the biblical prophets and ignore them that is a big mistake, the Bible and the Biblical prophets thousands of years into the future prophesied for us today so we can know what will happen to us if we renounce faith in God and the true path!
The prophets have come and gone leaving people a choice to obey and stand on God’s true path or go on a sinful path, many understood and corrected, some did not listen and continued to live a sinful life and only in the end realized how much lost when renounced God and went astray God sent prophets to earth in order to convey to the people the truth and meaning of God to explain to people how important it is to strengthen their faith and to live by the words of God!
My friends, today we each have the opportunity for themselves rskryt Biblical prophecies of the prophets are written in the Holy Bible scriptures and after so many years the word of God came to us and prophecy, too, one can discover the truth for yourself and let God in the life of a howl, read The sacred scriptures of the Bible, read the Bible Prophecy prophets and put it in his soul, for God sent prophets to this world that they help people to open their eyes and see and hear the truth about God, never ignore the word of God and begin to live our God and kakm Jesus taught us to get into the kingdom of God and receive eternal life!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!