Prayer To God

Prayer To God

Prayer is petition to God, to the highest Person in the universe to the one who created all the existing. We at times it is difficult to imagine how we can turn to the one who created the universe. If you want to apply to the President, then it will be very difficult to do, but for most of us it is impossible. But the Lord God is unique in that in spite of its immense greatness, he nevertheless made himself very accessible to us humans, so we can go to God in prayer at any time, wherever we are, and He always hears us. The Bible says that:

“God is not far from each one of us: for we live and move and exist.
(Acts 17:27 -28)

God hears not just by our words, but he knows our thoughts. God knows absolutely everything about us, and He understands us. God understands us better than we understand ourselves. Therefore, when we pray to God, we can refer to it as loud, and mentally. And it is not necessary for us to try to tell God about your request in detail, He knows everything. The Bible speaks of God as Heavenly Father who loves us and knows what we need even before we ask him in prayer:

“Know your father, have need of, before ye ask him.” (Mt. 6: 8)

Prayer Lord God
Therefore, when we pray to God, we have to be sincere with him, telling him everything as is, without hiding and never hid behind. We need not be afraid to admit before God their weaknesses and mistakes, even those on which we never told anyone else to. We are not God and not disappoint you will surprise Him, God knows everything about us anyway. But he wants us to have told him about it in prayer. Because the recognition of their weaknesses and mistakes is the first step to forgiveness and deliverance from them.