Our mission of in the world

Each of us has a mission of in this world, is doing good and helping the needy, it teaches us the Holy Bible, Jesus did on earth, and we must continue this work!
Doing good and helping the needy, it’s grace and our mission of in the world, we should always do good on behalf of God and help those who need help, those who have lost faith and gone astray, we must bring God’s love to everyone, God’s love high and is unlimited, so that he gave his only Son for the redemption of our sins, God loves us because we are His creation, and He wants to be and we loved each other and always helped each other so we have the mission in this world, to convey the love of God to all
If you meet a person who is concerned about what is or has been bad, impassable by, stop and ask what worries him, and what you can do, imagine how much you help him mentally, the man feels that he is not alone and it is much easier to mount and the problem , after a very bad when you’re alone in that moment when you most need help, support, and support, Jesus has always helped and helping those in need, he does not leave us in trouble and is always with us, we need to know what is good is our mission of in life and everyone should carry out this mission, if we all remember our mission to carry out its good and then the world around us change for the better
Jesus teaches us that good is good because it is the great mission that is given to us by God and the good life making beautiful, in fact if you have trouble, and someone offers you help, or just share with you vamivashu challenge becomes much easier because you can see that you are not alone and next to you who that is!
My friends, do good, God sees all and every kind of good work you are praised and rewarded by God, never leave someone in trouble, never pass by and never in need do not do evil, but God bless you!