Never Stop Praying, Always Believe

Prayer is your communication with God and Jesus, in your prayers you refer to God and talk to him and this is very important in the life of God always hears your prayers if they are sincere and come from the heart when your faith is strong when you put soul in their prayers God hears you!

Glorify and give thanks to God in their prayers for all that he gives you, for all that he does for you, God loves you and helps everyone whose faith is strong and who admits God in their hearts, prayers are always saved when hard when hurt and lonely when you need someone to share the view that lies in your heart.

You can tell God all in my prayers and to open his heart and soul and God help you and show you the path to relief and rescue, God always will stretch you out and help, pray, not only when you have trouble or something disturbs you, pray always, and glorify God for each day and remember that just never cease to pray, your faith and your prayers this is your path to purification and your salvation, and may God help you!

Pray everyday!

In the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit Amen