Nearness to God

Closeness to God is important for every Christian, this closeness is in faith and prayer, when a man with a heart of faith and prayer to God turns to him that he is moving closer to God, telling him of their infirmities and needs, praises God and expresses his love for Him , this closeness is also in the path of God, the true path on which there is a true Christian.
When we choose the path leading to the kingdom of God, we become closer to our Heavenly Father, we express our readiness for any obstacles and difficulties along the way, we entrust our lives to God and go to Him through any obstacles we must overcome a feeling of earthly pleasures to gain God’s grace and eternal life in His kingdom, we often ask ourselves whether the meaning of life? Yes of course is when we dedicate it to God and live according to His Word, if we strive to be better, we strive to please God and walk in the footsteps of Jesus, if our heart is living faith, and if we keep the ten holy commandments that God has given us, and which are the key to eternal life and the way to the kingdom of God, then life takes on a different meaning, it becomes brighter and more beautiful, we begin to understand that everything is set up for us and we need to know how it all right to use.
God teaches us to love and respect, kindness and compassion, forgiveness, for this we are given the 10 Commandments as a statement to the life that we have to respect.Holy Bible textbook of life that God gives us hands so that we can understand and realize What is life, so we can understand what is good and what is bad for us to get to know God, and know how important it is to have God in your heart and live as he bequeaths to us how important it is time to understand that life is a test that we rent for to get the right to be called true Christians and get into the kingdom of God in heaven where there is no evil and revenge, no sickness and death, where we can enjoy the every moment of eternal life that will never end.
My friends, God has given us all the characters and all of us to understand what life is and how we should live it, many of us it is accepted and understood how important God is in our lives, some do not want to understand it, and we all need to help them understand in truth, we must listen to the Word of God and accept Him into your heart and it will be given salvation because we are all children of God and He loves us, God and Jesus is waiting for us in his kingdom and we have dignity and dutifully pass the path leading up to it!
In the Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!