Much and almost everything in life depends on lifeway, on how he lives, what, he appreciates everything he wanted and what attracts him to life.Style everyone’s life can be different but all agree on one thing, it must be the right person to do in life, it should have the right, please God lives, most importantly that his actions and interests are not contrary to the Word of God and did not represent a sin.
Christianity is also a kind of a lifeway based on faith and love for God, a true Christian, and his lifeway is obedience to God and adherence to the Holy Bible, every Christian knows that God gave his life on earth, and the ability to create, to feel, to love, and for this God to praise, thank and honor His word.
In the right way of life should not be a component which the Bible calls sin and prohibits, the correct way of life is a life in which there is no evil, no hate, no adultery, no crime, and all the things that prevent us 10 commandments, each person can carry the correct way of life if he has the desire, there is no big deal, if a man does good works, plays sports, loves his family, how can help those in need, go to church, pray to God and trust in Him, that person is already on the right path and is pleasing to God lifeway, but if one ignores all the Biblical laws, ignoring God and the teachings of Jesus, does not support the commandments of God and the sinner is on the way, this means that it ignores God and life is wrong, and in the end it will lead him to a man punishment.Faith develops itself, and the man himself has to make this happen, if you let faith in God in your heart is your life itself will be right, because it is impossible to simultaneously believe in God, to have Him in your heart and follow the sinful ways, so everything in life depends on you, o n your faith and your consciousness.God offers two ways, two ways of life, one sinful along which you have no limitations but at the end of which you will find God’s judgment and you will be driven off by a fire in a gene, and a second life , light and righteous, and you will be rewarded with eternal life in a heavenly kingdom of God, think for yourself, life is short and time and really stands for small earthly pleasures lose eternal life in God’s kingdom? Of course not, because life on earth is nothing, it’s only a temporary stay, real life begins after the day you appear before God.
My dear friends, rethink your life, look at what you need to change what you have in life is wrong and contrary to our Heavenly Father, start to change their lives and strengthen their faith right now, right now so not to be late, life is short it is only a moment, and we must have time to clean their hearts and let God into their lives in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen