Jesus Teachings

Doctrine which brought on the ground, our Lord Jesus as the gospel ,of his conversations with his disciples and the people it,recourse to the Almighty Lord God ,father of his past life and miracles of perfect and we will remain forever.
The Lord God is one and he is omnipotent , there forever and there is no end to it , and it is not like Him either in heaven or on earth
The Lord our God is omnipotent and no one and nothing equal to Him, Jesus teaches us
Secrets of the earth ,nature and all that exists in the hands of the solvent , all around us even before existed in the mind of God ,God- King of the time
God is the power of love and above which there is nothing and never will exist only , all in it and nothing can limit Him because he has all the
He is immeasurable because no one can measure it and there was nothing and no one before Him, and no eye can not see Him because he is the holy spirit
It is life that gives life ,good, which makes it good ,Blessed ,Blessed He gives wisdom, the wisdom of giving it is all !
God created us in His own image and likeness , that we develop and fill the earth with kindness and love and always remember the maker but unfortunately today we sin, and in many cases do not follow God’s commandments and of course, we are doing worse only as a god and jesus everyone can see and one day when we stand before God and answer for their actions
Jesus teaches us to be kind and merciful to each other but sometimes the anger and jealousy cause us to hurt someone, and we do not realize how bad we mostupaem because we are all created by God and are obliged to love and support each other
Always remember what Jesus teaches us to remember that good , save the world, and that only by living God’s commandments, we will have peace and eternal life
Jesus teaches us not to judge others because we are no one to judge themselves appear before the court of God , not steal because it is a sin to take something that does not belong to you , do not kill, God tells us, because life is God and only He can it createand take ,can not lie because we are only fooling yourself , God always knows what we have in mind ,not worship idols, God Almighty, and the only son, and Jesus was his favorite , don’t betray as a wife should be faithful to her husband and the husband to his wife so conceived and so God We should be so that no change something!
Let’s live by the teachings of God’s teachings Jesus and then we’ll see that life without sin and filled with wonderful grace of God that teaches us , Jesus is the foundation of life!

In the Name of the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!