Jesus says “COME TO ME”

Jesus calls us to Himself, in His kingdom, He will give us the chance of eternal life and forgiveness, He calls us all to get back on the right path and follow the path of God, each of us makes a decision for themselves which way to go.
There are two ways, one is wide and the way is full of earthly pleasures, following this path a person sins and does not repent of this, it takes only a temporary earthly pleasures and rejects God and the end of the road waiting for him on the judgment of God which God will judge him, and he will be accountable for their sinful acts, the second path is narrow and full of obstacles in life, it is the path that Jesus was our savior and to which He calls us, it is a difficult path, the true path leading to eternal heavenly life that God gives us.
Jesus calls us to Himself because He loves us, He calls us not to abandon the life of paradise and the kingdom of God for the sake of fun and enjoyment of the earth, He calls us to a narrow path along which we will come to the kingdom of God, eternal life without hate , envy, evil and pain, this life God gives to those who listen the call of Jesus and goes to him in the narrow way.
All of our life on earth is a test of faith, it is a test which determines our future and our true heavenly life with God and Jesus in their heavenly kingdom, we must pass this test and in the end the way God will reward us for it, because life happens many situations, it is difficult and always need help every believer and non-believer asking for help from God and Jesus, and say, God help me, these words are pronounced in each of their lives, God will always help us but sometimes people quickly forget about it.
Jesus says, Come to Me, He calls us, we have to go for it and get to the eternal life and the kingdom of God, hear the voice of Jesus and follow Him, and then you reach the grace of God, and lifted up to heaven in the eternal kingdom of God!