Jesus loves you!

Jesus loves you, it should know and remember every person on earth, Jesus has always loved and loves us, and initially when he was sent by God to earth, he knew that he would have to move heavy meal, and that He would be crucified on a cross, but no matter that he never renounced his fate given him by the Father, and He gave His life for the salvation of our souls and the forgiveness of our sins.
Jesus’ love is immeasurable and boundless as the love of God, Jesus is always there, always extended a helping hand from heaven and save us from troubles, he never leaves those who truly believe in Him and in God, love, Jesus performed miracles, He loves us so much that always watching us to not give us a go and sincere way to get on the wrong path, he always shows us the right way, the main thing is to see and feel and truly believe with all my heart!
Jesus loves you! He always hears pleading for help, He hears every prayer, every word we speak, and if our prayers come from the heart, and established an unshakable faith He will always hear them and help those in need, Jesus is love itself and His love is so great and powerful that He asks God’s forgiveness and mercy, even for enemies, even for those who do not believe in Him, is there anything that merciful? Of course not, for the love of Jesus is immeasurable, he is always concerned for those who have gone astray and got to his sinful way, because sinful path leads not only to destroy the essence and the death of the soul, Jesus does not want it, he wants people to live on the word of God, so that people did not leave the right path leading to the Kingdom of God, He wants us all to the honor and grace to get into the kingdom of God and to be there with him and God, because we are God’s creation and the Creator can not love your creations!
Jesus loves you! If each of us would let Jesus into your life, in your heart, in your soul, then we can defeat evil and love and good will triumph, Jesus’ love is so great that can do it all, here’s an immeasurable love He loves us and some of us refuse take this love and choose a sinful path that leads to eternal darkness.
My friends, come to your senses, letting Jesus into their hearts, illuminating their hearts holy light that Jesus will make to them and fill the heart with love of God, to inspire confidence in their soul, one must know and remember, Jesus loves us and we must take this love in their heart and allow him to save us from evil and bring us to the kingdom of God, and eternal life in this great kingdom where there is good and love is the kingdom of God in which we will love Jesus and our sincere faith, but faith and love can save our souls this difficult time and always remember Jesus loves us!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!