Jesus is Savior

Jesus is our savior who gave his life for our sins, He is the only son of God and God gave His life for us, Jesus boldly go forward knowing what was coming. During the life of Jesus has done a lot of good, helping those who need it, healed the sick and raised the dead, He did everything in the name of God and in His name so that people believe in God, and stood on the right path but instead people denied Him and delivered Him, priests and sentenced him to death by torture and crucifixion.
Jesus is savior who came to save our souls but we the people did not accept him then, and many do not take now, when Jesus was crucified heavens erupted and many realized what a mistake they made but it was too late, the prediction has come true, it is done the will of God today is the same as then, we have a lot of signs of the coming of Jesus to the earth near that close the great day of judgment, but even today there are many who in spite of adverse event that does not inspire a belief in God and live a sinful life and is not willing to repent and live as the Bible teaches us and God.
Today, just as in ancient times, many people do not believe that Jesus is savior, despite the fact that in contrast to the ancient times, people have more information, facts and examples that Jesus is Savior and Son of God, many continue to live just enjoying earthly time pleasures and do not think that when the day of reckoning will come, they will appear before God and Jesus and then they will answer to God for all of their actions in life and those who repented in time and got on the right path will be forgiven and accepted by God in the kingdom of heaven where there is no pain, death , sickness, evil and suffering, and those who had lived a sinful life and failed to repent of their sins will be cast into eternal Hell-fire and will not pardon them.
People live in chaos and do not realize how important it is to recover, get back on the right path that leads us to Jesus and find forgiveness and mercy of God, to acquire the right to eternal life, Jesus is the savior of all mankind, He died for us while we’re doing something for Him? After all, Jesus wants people only one, that they should repent of their sins and began to live according to the word of God, it’s so beautiful to live without evil and hate, life without crime and anger, can there be anything more beautiful?
My friends, let the Jesus into your life for Jesus is savior by which we live today is to know God and receive His word is too late, start on the path of the savior to forgiveness, the grace of God, and eternal life in the beautiful kingdom of heaven, and the Lord Jesus and God keep you, God!
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!